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by Dr. Bill Black

The restoration project began in October of 2000. This series will mostly be a presentation of the photos that were taken during the restoration process. We wonąt go into great detail in descriptions since the basic restoration process is similar to that described in the 105 restoration series.

PHOTO A - The crankshaft is installed. New bearing blocks have been made along with a new gear set. Stock gears are available from Boston Gear. The stock gear for the crankshaft is too wide and must be cut down. It also must be split in half so it can be fit on the crank. Bob Ryeskys Machine shop in Carlisle did the machine work on the gears. After the gear is split, Bob makes a shim to replace the metal removed with the saw cut so the proper gear mesh is retained. The two pieces for the gear are bolted together to mount it on the crank.

PHOTO B - Bob made a new shaft and key to fit the keyway on the traction wheel for the speed control unit along with new bearings. At some point in the organs past some of the speed adjustment parts were removed. Bob fabricated the missing parts to restore the unit to its original configuration.

PHOTO C - A crank is located on the outside of the case to change the speed of the music roll. This is one of the missing parts that Bob fabricated using an original one as a pattern. A beautiful piece of workmanship.

PHOTO D - The pump sticks were also worn out causing a lot of knocking when the organ is running. New ones were made using the old sticks as a pattern.

PHOTO E - The vacuum pump is installed.

PHOTO F - The finished assembly showing the crank, gears, bearing blocks and pump sticks.

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Dr. Bill Black is one of the nation's most knowledgeble Wurlitzer band organ experts. He has made recordings of many band organs and other mechanical music machines which are available for purchase in our Gift Shop .

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