by Dr. Bill Black


This month we will examine the pneumatic stack in preparation for restoring it. PHOTO A shows the unrestored stack mounted in the calliope. The stack is mounted just above the pressure tank toward the keyboard the side of the calliope.


PHOTO B shows the stack removed from the machine along with the linkage to the arms which are attached to the keyboard linkage. In PHOTO C this linkage has been removed. On the bottom of the stack are the nipples for the trackerbar tubing. Just above the nipples are a row of screws which provide access to the bleed cups. The valve and pneumatic units are mounted on the face of the stack, each by means of two screws.


PHOTO D shows a view of the other side of the pneumatic stack. The large nipple is the vacuum inlet for the stack.

In PHOTO E we have removed all the valve units from the stack along with the wood strip which holds the screws for the access to the bleed cups. The bleed cups are visible along the lower edge of the stack face.


PHOTO F shows a close up view of the combination valve and pneumatic unit. This is one of the interesting features of the Tangley. The valve and the pneumatic is combined in one unit. This allows removal of a failed valve or pneumatic easily by just removing two mounting screws. You donšt need to pull the entire stack to get at a bad pneumatic. The valve assembly is made from pot metal and tends to be fragile. The pneumatic is fastened to the pot metal valve assembly with four screws. Extreme care must be used when working with them to prevent breakage. These are impossible to find if you happen to need a replacement. Another interesting feature is the ability to access the bleeds for the valves with the simple removal of a screw. Each bleed cup is accessed with its own screw. No need to remove the stack or the valve assembly to get at the bleed to remove a clog.

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