by Dr. Bill Black

This series of monthly articles will feature information for collectors of recordings of Band Organs which were produced on vinyl 33 1/3 records years ago. Hopefully this information will be of value to those collectors by providing information about the record albums so they can search for them in old record stores etc.

The record album for this month is "MAMMOTH GAVIOLI FAIR ORGAN - Marching With the Mammoth Gavioli"

The record was produced on the DECCA Eclipse label, record number ECS 2083 Stereo. It was manufactured by The Decca Record Company Limited, London in 1967.

Info on the back of the jacket gives quite a bit of information about its history. The Mammoth Gavioli was delivered in 1909 to Sidney Whites Electric Coliseum Bioscope and Variety Show. At some time after 1914 the organ was cut down from its original 112 key configuration to a 98 key organ.

The organ has registers for trumpet, violin, saxophone, and chimes together with bass, triangle, snare drums, bass drum, castanets and tambourin accompaniment.

The record jacket has a very nice picture of the organ along with a restored steam engine tractor, referred to as a road locomotive, which is equipped with a dynamo to supply electricity to power the organ.

  • The Dam Busters March
  • The Kings Horses
  • With Sword and Lance
  • Third Dragoon Guards
  • Invicta March
  • San Jose
  • Marche Lorraine
  • Knightsbridge March
  • When the Guards Are On Parade
  • Tin Can Fusiliers
  • On the Quarter Deck
  • The Bullfighters March
  • Toy Drum Major
  • Under the Banner of Victory