by Dr. Bill Black

This series of monthly articles will feature information for collectors of recordings of Band Organs which were produced on vinyl 33 1/3 records years ago. Hopefully this information will be of value to those collectors by providing information about the record albums so they can search for them in old record stores etc.

This months stereo record is "MORTIER ORGAN FAVOURITES" VOLUME 2

The album number is AFL 105 Stereo on the Amberlee Label. The record was produced by Amberlee Records Limited, London, England. It features a recording of a 101 key Mortier Dance Organ, described on the jacket as a Grymonprez Jazz Orchestra. The organ is fully chromatic, 418 pipes controlled by 22 stops or registers and percussion effects. Also added to the organ is an electronic division which gives a saxophone and trumpet tone. The accordions fronting on the facade are pneumatically operated. The organ is book operated and the wind is supplied by a blower.

Historical data on the Grymonprez family, including Oscar and Leonard, is given on the jacket.

The date of copyright on the jacket is 1974.

The tunes featured on the recording are:

  • Sei Nicht Bos
  • Tales From the Vienna Woods
  • The Merry Widow
  • Vienna Blood
  • The Beautiful Galathea
  • Moonlight on the Alster
  • The Blue Danube
  • Donauwellen
  • Count of Luxembourg
  • The Anniversary Waltz
  • Roses from the South
  • Under the Double Eagle
  • Life is Good
  • Jack,Jack, Where Have You Gone
  • Pak me nogs vast
  • Carnival in Venice
  • Roll Out the Barrel
  • My Old Aunt
  • Sugar Bush
  • Mijne vrijer is een typpeke
  • k zeg tot ziens
  • Hornpipe
  • The Lancers
  • Manhattan
  • Hup Zee Marie
  • It's Three O'clock in the Morning
  • Quadrilles
  • French Can Can
  • Washington Post
  • The Skater's Waltz
  • Bourgondia Cross
  • State Fair Boogie
  • Valse Martine
  • Boogie No.1