by Dr. Bill Black

This series of monthly articles will feature information for collectors of recordings of Band Organs which were produced on vinyl 33 1/3 records years ago. Hopefully this information will be of value to those collectors by providing information about the record albums so they can search for them in old record stores etc.

The record album for this month is FAIRGROUND FANTASIA IN STEREO The Mammoth 89 Key Gavioli Fairground Organ.

The record was produced on the HALLMARK label, record number HMA 231 stereo. It was manufactured by Pickwick International, Inc. Victoria Works in Cricklewood, London.

There is not much information on the record jacket regarding the technical aspect of the organ other than it is an 89 key machine made around 1902. It states the organ weighs about 4 tons and is 18 feet long and eleven feet wide. It is powered by a three and a half HP motor and plays cardboard book music.

Some historical information is included. It was owned by Arthur Mills and was restored by Victor Chiappa. Other information regarding the Fairground Preservation Society is also given.

The songs include:

  • Over the Waves
  • Twelfth Street Rag
  • The Last All Clear
  • Puppet on a String
  • Light Cavalry
  • Music Music Music
  • Going to Blaydon Races
  • Romeo
  • The Blue Danube
  • Tannhauser
  • Abide With Me