by Dr. Bill Black

This series of monthly articles will feature information for collectors of recordings of Band Organs which were produced on vinyl 33 1/3 records years ago. Hopefully this information will be of value to those collectors by providing information about the record albums so they can search for them in old record stores etc.

The record album for this month is "The Fabulous Sound of Dutch Barrel Organ, De Cementmolen Organ".

The record was produced by LONDON Phase 4 Stereo and part of the INTERNATIONAL series. The ablum number is SPW 10007. The copyright date is 1977 by Dureco Record Company and London Records, NY,NY.

The record jacket contains no technical information as to the number of keys, pipework etc. It does credit Mr. H. Roos of Rotterdam as "looking after the organ" in 1977

The song titles include:

  • Hoera Voort Garde Legioen
  • Blinde Ogen
  • Loop Nooit Je Moeders Deur Voorblj
  • Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
  • Cementmolen Tango
  • Vlaamse Serenade
  • Droomland
  • Sur Le Quai De Paris
  • Louis Hollywood Mars
  • China Nachten
  • Wiener Prater
  • Germanen Bloed Mars
  • Dom Klokken
  • Huzaren Wals
  • Geen Dag En Geen Uur
  • Karl Frei Mars
  • Espagnola Wals