by Dr. Bill Black

This series of monthly articles will feature information for collectors of recordings of Band Organs which were produced on vinyl 33 1/3 records years ago. Hopefully this information will be of value to those collectors by providing information about the record albums so they can search for them in old record stores etc.

The record album for this month is "THE TRUMPETER" 84 KEY MORTIER ORGAN.

There is not a record label listed but just an album number SSLX 346. The back of the jacket describes the machine as an 84 key Mortier built in 1926. It is unusual in that there is a rank of spun brass trumpets in the melody section. The organ was used on the Belgium Showgrounds until 1966, but during its latter years there, it merely housed a loudspeaker as it was completely run down and almost wrecked and only the front which had been painted in a number of gaudy colours was of use. The present owners, Ronald Leach and his two sons have completely rebuilt the organ and repainted the front and added carvings and fascia where missing.

The organ was recorded in an old hanger.

The songs include:

  • Old Comrades
  • Le Rossignol Montmartrois
  • Polka
  • Puppet on a String
  • Under the Double Eagle
  • Poema
  • Entry of the Gladiators
  • Tiger Rag
  • March Lorraine
  • Circus Renz
  • Blaze Away