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by Dr. Bill Black

When I obtained the Caliola, it was in playing condition with the exception of several notes which were not operating. This allowed a chance to see how the pressure pump and the vacuum pump were working. Both pumps were spilling off while the machine was playing. The previous recovering of the pumps was well done and the leather is still in very good condition. So, the situation will be more of a repair situation rather than a complete rebuild of the pumps.

In PHOTO A the pressure pump has been removed. There are 3 staples on the front and the back of the pump which serve to help hold the top and bottom boards of the pump in place during its operation. The three staples on the side toward the front of the organ are not visible when the pump in is the machine. Upon removal, we discovered that one of the staples is broken and one has fallen out completely. PHOTO B/


In PHOTO C, we have taken a piece of steel rod, bent the one end and put it in position to determine the length we need to make a new staple.

The pump in general is rather dirty so the removable parts on the exterior have been taken off so the parts can be cleaned and refinished. PHOTO D

PHOTO E shows the refinished pump with the parts reassembled. The main flap valves in the pump are internal so there is no way to access them without taking the leather off and taking the pump apart. Hopefully their condition will be similar to the leather coverings and be serviceable. Black shoe polish was used to freshen up the appearance of the leather.

In PHOTO F the refinished pump has been installed in the case.

Dr. Bill Black is one of the nation's most knowledgeble Wurlitzer band organ experts. He has made recordings of many band organs and other mechanical music machines which are available for purchase in our Gift Shop .

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