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by Dr. Bill Black

Having repaired the woodwork on the case we can apply the new paint. Since the front of the case serves as the facade rather than a removable section, it will be easier to apply the paint now by being able to lay the case over on the sides and back to work on the painting. In PHOTO A, white enamel has been applied to the case. We will use a green and gold color scheme to decorate the Caliola. The lower portion of the case has been painted green.

In PHOTO B, we are getting ready to apply the gold paint for the trim. The case is on its back to give a flat surface to work with. The areas to be painted gold have been masked off with fine line polypropylene masking tape. It can be stretched to allow it to go around corners.

In PHOTO C, the gold paint has been applied and allowed to dry. Before removing the masking tape, I take an exacto knife and run the blade along the joint between the tape and the paint so when the tape is pulled off it is less likely to take some of the gold paint off the trim.

In PHOTO D, the tape has been removed and the gold painting on the trim work is finished. Close inspection of the scene painted in the insert on the front shows that this is a painting applied over the original scene. You can see the edge of the original painting around the edges.

Using a cloth and some acetone, a portion of the top painting could be removed to expose the general nature of the original scene. PHOTO E.

Next, my local artist friend paints a new scene which more closely resembles the original scene. This was done while the organ was on its back to give her a flat surface to work on. PHOTO F. Next month we will begin to work on the internal parts.

Dr. Bill Black is one of the nation's most knowledgeble Wurlitzer band organ experts. He has made recordings of many band organs and other mechanical music machines which are available for purchase in our Gift Shop .

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